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P2P4U Net is for all the sports fan out there in the world.  Whether you like to watch football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, cricket, rugby, or any other sports P2P4U Net is a website that will discuss all the sports of the world.  From every header and goal in European Football to every touchdown and interception in American football.  From slapshots in hockey to home runs in baseball, aces in tennis, and birdies in golf.  P2P4U Net sports is your online home to every sports fan.  If you spend more than ten hours a week watching sports than you are a dedicated sports fan and at P2P4U Net we want you to come and share your experiences with other dedicated sports fans.  P2P4U Net sports is always looking for people who love watching sports and who would want to be a writer on our site.  You can share your love of sports through our site and meet tons of sports fans who share your love of sports from all over the world.

Even if there are some sports you don’t watch maybe by reading our articles about the different sports you will begin to watch more sports and become a fan of new sports.  Each sport has exciting moments to watch where the crowd goes wild and you can feel the moment.  P2P4U Net will try to help capture those moments through our articles and make you feel almost as if you were watching the sporting event live.

Let’s highlight the main sports that we will cover here and then mention some sports we want to begin covering but we need some writers:

European Football / Soccer – The world’s most popular sport to watch.  The yanks call it soccer and the brits call it football but everybody recognizes this sport no matter what you call it.  Highlighted by the World Cup which occurs once every four years.  This sport is played year round and has a league in the United States (Major League Soccer) and many leagues in Europe.  P2P4U Net sports will cover this sport as our primary sport due to its popularity.

Football – The NFL is America’s most popular sport to watch and P2P4U Net will be there with you during the NFL season to talk about football.  This sport is growing in popularity across the globe and the Superbowl is annually the largest most watched single event in the world.

Baseball – The Major League Baseball season is 162 games long and P2P4U Net will be there for all the games to write about what is going on.  Baseball is a popular global sport to watch with Asia, South America, and North America being the hot spots for baseball fans and leagues.

The other sports we will cover are basketball and hockey.  And we would like to begin to cover cricket, rugby, golf, and tennis when we gain more writers to cover these sports.

So for all your sports fans out there who love to watch sports year round we hope you enjoy P2P4U Net sports!

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